Project3 – Sonic intervention process2

I tried to give positive intervention instead of negative. Even though my first plan was about cultural difference, I just gave up to use that subject because it was difficult to make a plan. My intention of this playing game was to give people a moment to play and get some sweet candies after making […]

Project3 – Sonic intervention process

Previous qualification – Make people happy – Provide a new experience what they have never been exposed. – Make a opposite situation that give a weird feeling (it is a different emotional activity.), walking back and play backward. Research  (group stereotypes) 1.  I found a case study claimed that people in eastern and western have different […]

Project3 – Sound, Culture, and Experience

An interesting statement that I got from the paper was that each object has a limited sound. According to the statement “The sound comes to us from above, below, and the sides. As Lusseyran says, it passes through us and is rarely limited by the density of physical objects.”  The expression that each limitation makes object’s […]

Project 2 – Object, materiality and context / Final

The object that I used in my process for project 2 “Object, materiality and context” was a wristwatch. I expected that I could use the watch’s sound and wanted to use it to research about sound; however, I have a super nice watch that I could not capture any sound from, so I gave up […]

Project 2 – Object, materiality and context / Process

Object : Wristwatch    The goal of project2 was to record the sound from an object that I had chosen with small micro phone we made ourselves in the class. The process of project2 required for the class is the capture of sound with the following design principles, Texture, Pattern, Scale, Gravity, Density, Direction, Symmetry, Asymmetry, Anomaly, […]

Project 1 – Listening Maps / Final

When preparing this project, what first comes to mind is a favorite place that I usually visit. I choose the Fareway store, near Summerset. I lived in Summerset for more than two years and this store is my favorite place in my neighborhood. Like other stores, it sells essential goods, and foods. I usually use […]

Project 1 – Listening Maps / process

There are many different preferences when it comes to what people want to listen to. For the class, I researched which sound was the worst that I could hear in the college of design building. I found two elevators’ sounds, which are located in the middle of the building that is surrounded by concrete and […]