Teaching Research: T-shape learning model

Study Title: T-shape learning model
Media: Design teaching method - Mural board online
Date: 2020
Original paper: T-shape learning model_KSDS

The purpose of this study is to introduce one of the practical teaching methodologies, the “T-shape learning model,” and seeks a reasonable basis to supplement self-directed learning in design. A T-shape-learning model is an advanced design learning model, which is designed for practicing design processes with various design methods and case studies. The model includes two steps: A Holistic-linear process and a Cross-emphasis process. 1. The Holistic linear process is an understanding phase of the design process where students can understand the design process with given well-organized design methods, including descriptions at the initial stage. 2. The Cross-emphasis process allows students to start a variety of exercises with different design methods to discover a fit solution. This study verified the possibility of the T-shape learning model with the Mural online platform that was adopted due to pandemic, and it delivered comprehensive, effective, intuitive, interactive, and positive new learning models to students in design.

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