ArtGr672 – Usability

ArtGr672A: Graphic Design and Human Interaction – Sunghyun Kang ( Spring 2015)

| An Application Prototype to Enhance Memory

This is an application prototype to enhance memory for older adults. The objective of this project is to propose a prototype iPad application that will satisfy the demands of older adults, whose interest is a long lasting healthy brain. Developing an application for older adults is reasonable because of a rapid increase of their demographic. This project focused on a development of an iPad application within mobile UD (Universal Design) principles for older adults that will lead to further research on user testing.


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2015 HCII: Poster section (Summer 2015)

1. Introduction

Recently, as an older adult population has rapidly increased globally, it seems relevant for older adults to increase their interest of long, lasting, healthy life. According to the data, the elder population aged over 60 is expected to reach 22% in 2050. (ESA, U.S. Department of Commerce, 1995) Therefore, independent living for older adults is the expected primary goal. Such countries as U.S.A. South Korea, Japan, and Europe are in the process to make such programs that serve the independent living. Moreover, extended better education allows today’s old adults more experience with technology of most interactive devices, such as computers, mobile devices, and related technology. (Ana, et al, 2013) According to the research data, 53% of older people in 2012 were using Internet and email and 69% of them were using mobile phones. (Ljilja, et al., 2014) The aim of this project is to make a prototype of an interactive application operable on iPad for older adults who are concerned about their memory loss. As an assistive technology, the iPad is suitable for older people to play games and communicate with their friends and family members.

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