Typographic Communication

– To create verbal and visual relationships
– To create typographic hierarchies and variety by utilizing a systematic approach to problem-solving
– To apply the typographic elements and rules
– To develop the ability to use typography and color as a communication component

In this assignment, students experimented with verbal communication images that provide a description of chosen words. The poster work included communication methods by using typography, which must be carefully composed to achieve visual impact through the successful use of the design principles. There were limitations of the kinds of elements they could use, which helped students focus on the form experiments without distraction from imagery and stylistic treatments. The experiments with interpretational visual communication posters concerning word interpretation of chosen words helped students to develop creative thinking.

Encounter Final   Flow Final ArtGr270_Fitzgerald_Project2_Posters_Page_1   ArtGr270_Lyle_Project2_Posters_Page_2

artgr270_proj2_01 FINAL_Page_2       poster2 poster 3       poster 1 artgr270_proj2_01 FINAL_Page_1       ArtGr270_Lyle_Project2_Posters_Page_1 270_Prj3_CompostionLayout       270_Ly_Project 2_final_Page_1 artgr270_proj2_01 FINAL_Page_3      Word posters 2 Word posters 3