Typography in 3D space

– To develop an ability to use color as a systematic component
– To develop an ability to express and communicate meaning using type and image.
– To develop an ability to use composition, typographic manipulation, conceptual thinking, and creative problem solving

Problem Statement
This assignment is learning about typography by taking it out of a computer into the real 3-Dimensional world. Pictures can be taken through the projector and placed with typography as one of the visual elements. Typographic hierarchy is contrast and visual organization in space. Students researched relevant professional work. The objective of this exercise is to experiment with typography in 3D space and expand digital typography into space. Students find typography in a different space and by using different methods with their own topic. There are no limits to methods they can use for this project. Physical objects or digital outcomes for the final will be fine. This project needs to be connected to real objects or pictures and two elements cooperating together in the space, digital world or real world.

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